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Culture & Creativity as Key to Development

Culture & Creativity as Key to Development

Danish and Italian applications: practical proposals in pursuit of best practices and excellence

CSR and cultural integration as key to innovation and value:

Ideas that change the world

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The objective of this seminar is to start a dialogue with the Danish community on how to integrate Italian culture and Danish culture for the creation of practices of excellence, in order to grasp perspectives on key issues tied to innovative models for development in business, education and training.

Practices and new approaches to a creative management of change will be presented, sharing aspects of interest to the Danish society, along with proposals for their dissemination at all levels, in education and business, through the exchange of experiences. The debate will also include an appraisal of the outcomes of approaches proposed to date, and the implications tied to the specific context of application.

Scenario: The global playing field presents challenges and opportunities for the integration of cultures and experiences, for both individuals and organisations. The views of institutions, businesses and civil society will be examined.

A determining factor in the management of change lies in the creative potential of the individual and of the community. As such, it is fundamental to promote models and processes capable of supporting and developing creative talent for the growth of communities and the economy as a whole.

Only an intercultural approach, based on integration, on enriching exchange, and on an awareness of the value of complexity, can help promote innovation as a driver of progress, for ethical, social and economic growth. Thus, within the framework of a systemic relational vision based on the centrality of individuals, on the development of their creative resources and on the value of intercultural sensibilities, this event is a precious occasion for dialogue, interaction and sharing knowledge.

The sharing of Danish and Italian experiences will be facilitated by a multi-stakeholder and multi-value approach, with a view to leveraging best practices and exchanging ideas, in order to build synergies based on common lines of action for the creation of shared value, in an effort to promote growth and innovation.

The event is organized by FIVE Foundation and Dante Alighieri Association Copenhagen, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute. The event is sponsored by Hf Convention srl



9.30 Welcome address

Fabio Ruggirello, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute

9.45 Introduction and Discussion

Oriana Perrone, Expert in Global Business Strategies, Internationalisation & Adj. Professor in CSR at LUMSA University, “The role of Integrated Ethics for a responsible conduct of the individual, as well as organizations, as the key to enhance human potential and value creation for enterprises and society as a whole.”

10.00 The responsibility of individuals and organizations for community development and progress

– Steen Vallentin, Associate Professor and Director CBS Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Copenhagen Business School, “The value of teaching and trainings in tomorrow’s leaders experience”

– Guy Michel Franca, Member of the French Psychological Society and Scientific Director of the FIVE Foundation,“Creativity training as a factor of success in individual governance and corporate operations. The Ethics of Human Relationships: training method and applications.”

– Pinuccia Panzeri, President of Dante Alighieri Association Copenhagen, “The value of Italian culture in the world, programmes for cultural/social/ economic integration in Copenhagen: the Plida Project”

10.45 Innovative approaches to Sustainable Development: from the education of new generations to the processes for the integration of social responsibility into business models

– Lene Raunkjær, Head of Group Conduct, Ecco, “Corporate responsibility – a key priority in ECCO”

– Fabio Merlo, CEO Merlo Factory, “How to think, design, build sustainable exibition stands – driven by creativity”

– Renato Reggiani, CEO & Founder Biopic, “Smart Urban Farming: the green revolution – a matter of culture”

– Teodoro Giustizieri, Director HF Ethic Centers, Ethic Centers: An innovative approach to the development of human potential and to the management of complexity

Light lunch 12.00– 1.00 PM

1.30 – 3.30 Workshop and open training: “The Ethics of Human Relationships in practice: how to create value by managing good relationships, in private and business life” – method for managers, teachers, educators in schools, and public officials. Workshop run by Guy Michel Franca.



To the EVENT: It is an open-event, open to everyone interested. No participation fee is applied. For registration fill the form here and for technical information please contact

To the WORKSHOP: It is an open workshop with limited seats. No participation fee is applied. For registration fill the form here and for technical information please contact

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  • Organizzato da: Società Dante Alighieri København