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Teatro: Lu Santo Jullare Francesco



Teatro: Lu Santo Jullare Francesco

Nonostante le accuse di blasfemia per lo spettacolo “Mistero Buffo”, negli ultimi anni della sua vita Dario Fo espresse ammirazione per San Francesco d’Assisi. Il suo monologo “Lu Santo Jullare Francesco”, omaggio al santo di Assisi e ritratto inedito del più straordinario innovatore del pensiero cristiano, è stato tradotto in inglese da Mario Pirovano, attore teatrale e fedele collaboratore di Fo.

"Lu Santo Jullare Francesco" è un monologo in un atto unico dell'autore Dario Fo del 1999. Narra la vita di san Francesco d'Assisi attraverso storie che lo vedono protagonista in prima persona, e altre storie viste da diversi personaggi elevati a simbolo dell'epoca medievale italiana.

Mario Pirovano porterà all’Istituto Italiano di Cultura la sua personalissima interpretazione del monologo, che include episodi della vita del santo mai rappresentati sulle scene.

Lo spettacolo sarà in lingua inglese.

Lo spettacolo verrà presentato da Bent Holm, esperto di teatro italiano, storico e pratico, tra altro tramite il suo lavoro come traduttore delle opere dello stesso Fo.

A conclusione dell'evento l’Istituto Italiano di Cultura offrirà agli intervenuti un bicchiere di vino.

L'ingresso è gratuito ma è richiesta l'iscrizione - clicca qui -

Dress code: Smart casual


"Francis the Holy Jesteris a one man show, a play which relies solely on the considerable skill of a highly experienced performer and the imagination of the audience. This is a show without props, without scenery and with the simplest of costume where the bond between the audience and the performer, and thus the material and subject is tangible, visceral. A whole range of characters from 13th Century Italy are brought to life before us: Popes and Cardinals, Dukes and Duchesses, soldiers on the battle field, traders in the marketplace and St Francis himself.

The play traces some events from the life of this most colourful and renowned of holy men, his desire to follow the word of God and to communicate this to the people for the good of mankind. It illustrates his commitment to his beliefs, his willingness to sacrifice his wellbeing and material comfort for the sake of his faith and his readiness to challenge hypocrisy wherever he sees it to expose the truth. This is a play that truly addresses some fundamental questions about how we express our faith and commitment to Christian principles. It has the timelessness of a great story masterfully told and is full of relevance for our lives today.

Fo offers four episodes from St Francis life. One of these reflects and references an actual event when St Francis spoke to over 5,000 people in the main square in Bologna in August 1222. In this address, he used his whole being to express himself and communicate his message. The address was so powerful it caused warring factions to embrace lasting peace for the first time in many years.

The play is funny, utterly uplifting and thought-provoking.

This is an entirely unique and living piece of theatre that interrogates and celebrates our humanity, has the power to reach all of us, theatre-lover or no, educated or non-educated, Christian or non-Christian. It will be of interest to historians, theologians, students and teachers of drama, those with a particular interest in the work of Dario Fo or with a general interest in Italian culture and literature, and to anyone who enjoys a good story lovingly crafted and expertly told with insight, vivacity and humour."


‘This production is the most entertaining and funny history lesson you could hope to see, given a captivating performance by the charismatic Pirovano.’  David Chadderton ***** British Theatre Guide

‘Pirovano’s performance, and his ability, are astounding… I recommend it whole-heartedly and completely.’  Chris Hislop ***** Fringe Review

‘…this was a great piece of theatre, it had medieval humour, pathos and real unique artistic craftsmanship.’  John Ritchie *****

‘… this wonderful show performed with exquisite timing and exuberance… worth seeing and even giving it a second visit.’  Neil Mc Ewans **** Evening news

‘Pirovano performs with enthusiasm and high energy, accompanying every line with movements, facial expressions or gestures that sometimes approach the manic style of Robin Williams but that, like his stories, are rendered friendly and unthreatening by his obvious pleasure in sharing with us.’  Gerald Berkowitz, The Stage


Data: Gio 6 Dic 2018

Orario: Dalle 19:30 alle 21:00

Ingresso : Libero


Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Gjørlingsvej 11, 2900 Hellerup