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Concerti: Duo Paier - Preinfalk / The Auner Quartett



Concerti: Duo Paier - Preinfalk / The Auner Quartett

L’ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA has the pleasure of inviting you to two concerts

presented by the AUSTRIAN EMBASSY in Copenhagen

The concerts will take place at the Italian Institute of Culture


Wednesday the 29th of November and Thursday the 30th of November both at 19.00

These Concerts will be followed by a Vin d’Honneur, as well as Meet&Greet with the artists/musicians

For both concerts the AUSTRIAN EMBASSY kindly offers FREE ADMISSION

however you are kindly asked to register on the LINKS below


Wednesday the 29th of November at 19.00h


with their new Program


( Polyphonic Jazz Phrasing at its best )

aus jazz 2

For the artists Jazz means vital improvisation and, above all, the freedom to explore styles and timbres – no matter what shade or color. In this project, based on their own compositions and excursions into the realm of improvisation, we see a confluence of experience and joy of playing. Both musicians embark on a congenial path, allowing themselves to drift boisterously in the flow of sounds, without neglecting their firm foundation on musically ordered structures. The intersections of style that result are a special kind of fusion. These seemingly volatile, but in fact profound moments of musical relationship could be referred to as a quest for a common cultural identity. This quest divides and unites the past, present and future in a very complex manner. It forms fragmentary confrontations, at the same time offering creative solutions to apparent contrarieties. We can see and hear in a way the folklore of Alpine peoples, the proud melancholy of the Rio de la Plata region, the exuberant inventiveness of the Balkans, and the intricate ornamentation of Arab music, as well as the pensive revelling of the Klezmer – all these elements blend into a polyphonic jazz phrasing.


 Please note, it is not necessary to print and bring the ticket.



Thursday the 30th of November at 19.00h

The Auner Quartett

auner quartett 1

Praised for their "stylistic confidence and willingness to impress with emotions - for all four of them chamber music seems to be the essence of music itself"; (Austrian National Radio ORF Ö1, "Intrada") the Viennese Auner Quartett is rapidly making itself known in the chamber music world. Formed out of the Violin Duo "Mozartiano" in the spring of 2013, the Auner Quartett brings refinement and prowess to both new and established repertoire. The group holds a special residence in Vienna, performing monthly in the baroque hall of the former Vienna City Hall, today known as "Bank Austria Kultursalon". As passionate chamber musicians, independent from any contracts with orchestras, the quartet strives to not only explore the extensive quartet repertoire, but also to present their unique voice within the music.

The Auner Quartett, compromised of violinists Daniel and Barbara Auner, violist Anna Firsanova, and cellist Konstantin Zelenin, has performed recitals in various venues al over the world. Bringing their musical patrimony and individual emotional approach from Austria, Brazil and Belarus into this musical melting pot (a.k.a. string quartet) but sharing the same educational background, the artists endeavor to use their different cultural heritage and consider it as their vocation to convey music as a spontaneous and original experience. In addition, the group has collaborated with symphony orchestras for String Quartet Concertos by e.g. Louis Spohr and has been featured repeatedly live on TV and Radio Stations. The quartet sometimes expands its formation by sharing the stage with other musicians. The group is extremely proud to work closely and repeatedly with various contemporary composers. Being there, feeling the atmosphere when composers are writing new pieces, music that will stay, is being considered as one of the main inspirations for the group.

As strong advocates for outreach events and educational workshops, the Auner Quartett is actively searching to engage various communities in diverse ways. Member of the "Rhapsody in School" program founded by German pianist Lars Vogt, the quartet holds workshops in schools, making the often first approach to classical music for listeners a single-entry. In a time of shrinking audiences, the group considers it a duty to personally address new listeners. Social work, often in collaboration with the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, included masterclasses and performances for numerous youth music programs in Peru, Brazil, Belize and South Africa.

Their two live-albums, “Mozart and Mendelssohn” as well as "Schubert and Villa-Lobos" had been presented on all Austrian classical radio stations and are digitally available exclusively on "idagio" - the new classical music streaming platform from Berlin. Upcoming releases include new CDs with Simon Reitmaier on the Clarinet - featuring Clarinet Quintets by Mozart, Reger and Leitner as well as a portrait of the chamber music works by Johanna Doderer.​

The Auner Quartett is a partner of the Viennese string manufacturer Thomastik Infeld, working closely on improvements of their outstanding products; the first violinist Daniel plays on an instrument by Giovanni Battista Guadanini - a generous loan from the Austrian National Bank.


Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus MOZART

Divertimento in D Dur, KV 136


Streichquartett Nr. 5

Giaccomo PUCCINI


Streichquartett Nr. 3




Quartettsatz c-Moll, D 703


Please note, it is not necessary to print and bring the ticket.


Data: Da Mer 29 Nov 2017 a Gio 30 Nov 2017

Orario: Dalle 19:00 alle 21:00

Organizzato da : The Austrian Embassy in Copenhagen

Ingresso : Libero


Istituto Italiano di Cultura